May 17- June 29
    Opening Reception May 17th, 5 - 9
    Phylogeny Contemporary

    As I dig deeper into self, what emerges is the beat of my heart, music evoking memories once thought lost and explorations into my position in the universe. The paintings from Innerverse formed naturally during a transformational period of healing beginning in Spring 2018. It is ongoing to this day.

    The small ceramic sculptures of Innerverse were begun over 5 years ago, during an extended bout of the lowest of lows. There was comfort to be found in forming the small objects with my hands and sitting in a room full of people doing the same. Through the years, as I continued to build with ceramics, miniature souvenirs from my travels emerged - loose interpretations of the cairns and volcanoes in Iceland, a pestle found on the playa in Eastern Oregon and the caves from Halong Bay in Vietnam appeared. I continue to “collect” these souvenirs as a way to keep my memories close.