Studio Allston Hotel

    The whimsical and blissfully kinetic land of Liz Tran is where her artisan molecules collide with the nature of technicolor and emotion. Liz's manifesto is one of exploration for our connective fibers, communicating human experience. The Balance King serves as her sound curator, to parallel tangible environments with the mesmerizing components of orchestration and musical fantasy. Their aesthetic and audible relationship rounded out her expression. Zaiche Johnson, is in the role of Liz Tran's Branding and Curatorial Strategist, placing him at the helm of shaping tone and context. This will be Ms. Tran's second collaboration with Studio Allston Hotel, and first collaboration with West End House, providing a fun joint art project and celebration during the magnificent Boston Art Week! Life is our canvas!

    Studio Allston Hotel has partnered with Liz Tran and the West End House to bring you a two-day series of art activations throughout the hotel. During this event at Studio Allston Hotel, Liz Tran and the artistic youth at West End House will be creating a series of paper lantern sculptures. The public is invited to attend this event and assist in creating this sculpture and view the artworks created by students at West End House, which will be displayed at Studio Allston's art gallery. Our event will feature live music by a Florida based DJ, Tha Balance King. This is a two day event, where a series of day time activations will be on-going throughout our property. The event is completely free and open to the public.

    Liz Tran is a world renowned artist based in Seattle, she is famous for her ability to create vibrant color combinations in her artworks bringing dream imagery to life. West End House is a youth development agency, giving children the opportunity to enhance and maintain their creative talents.


    May 17- June 29
    Opening Reception May 17th, 5 - 9
    Phylogeny Contemporary

    As I dig deeper into self, what emerges is the beat of my heart, music evoking memories once thought lost and explorations into my position in the universe. The paintings from Innerverse formed naturally during a transformational period of healing beginning in Spring 2018. It is ongoing to this day.

    The small ceramic sculptures of Innerverse were begun over 5 years ago, during an extended bout of the lowest of lows. There was comfort to be found in forming the small objects with my hands and sitting in a room full of people doing the same. Through the years, as I continued to build with ceramics, miniature souvenirs from my travels emerged - loose interpretations of the cairns and volcanoes in Iceland, a pestle found on the playa in Eastern Oregon and the caves from Halong Bay in Vietnam appeared. I continue to “collect” these souvenirs as a way to keep my memories close.