NOVEMBER 2018
    One Way Through
    Heron Arts
    San Francisco, CA
    "HEART MAP, is a tri-dimensional documentation of one's cardiac rate, symbiotically encapsulating our migratory life force through an aesthetic of lucid nylon orbs,intermingled by threaded strings. These tangible avatars, are subservient to the bi-dimensional filters of our physical realm, while framing a concurrent, intangible narrative of the matrimony between physiology and existential consciousness. HEART MAP, is a shrine, constructed as an homage to the matriarchal womb of the transmitted life cycle." - Zaiche Johnson/ Brand + Curatorial Strategist

    SEPTEMBER 2018
    Bold Types
    Group Exhibition
    SAM Gallery
    Seattle, WA

    AUGUST 31 - SEPTEMBER 2 2018
    Trailer Installation
    Bumbershoot with Coalesce Contemporary and Little Thalia
    Seattle, WA

    AUGUST 2 - 5 2018
    Seattle Art Fair with Phylogeny Contemporary
    Seattle, WA

    JUNE - OCTOBER 2018
    A solo installation.
    Opening Reception June 1, 6pm - 9pm
    JW Architects
    Seattle, WA